Co-Location Definition (Draft)

Posted 1st May 2015

Following requests at the recent Public Meeting (27th April 2015 Bunbury Village Hall) the draft definition of Co-Location is reproduced below. The definition is a work in progress and will be discussed at the next Neighbourhood Plan meeting.

‘Co-Location’ is mentioned in the plan Housing Policy at H2 A

No Co-Location


 To prevent new housing developments being built next to each other and forming a large concentration of new houses in one area of the village.


 New housing developments should be built in geographically separate parts of the village, in order that existing communities and infrastructure are not adversely affected by a combination of new developments. No single area of the village should be subjected to a large development that has resulted from smaller developments being built close to each other.

 The separation between developments may be maintained by a significant distance, or geographic features, or visual segregation, or a combination of these elements.

 For the purpose of this definition a small development is one of 15 houses or fewer.

 The definition applies to houses built within the Neighbourhood Plan period, 2015 to 2030.