Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan Passes Independant Examination Stage

Posted 21st December 2015

December 2015 – The independent Examiner, Nigel McGurk, has recommended that the Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to a Referendum

The independent Examiner’s report has recommend to Cheshire East Borough Council that, subject to the modifications proposed in the report, the Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to a Referendum.

The report is favourable overall although several amendments are suggested. In particular the main points of our housing policies are supported. The figure of a minimum of 80 houses over the plan period, the maximum number of 15 houses per development and the co-location policy, with an amendment, are all agreed.

Amongst many compliments in the report our poster campaign is mentioned as follows: ‘Whilst planning decisions often raise emotions and interest, the world of town planning is not always associated with humour and excitement. The thoughtful and imaginative way in which Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan Group sought to gain people’s involvement in neighbourhood planning, through the clever use of posters, provides, in my view, a national exemplar.’

Referring to consultation, the report says: ‘There is plentiful evidence to demonstrate that the Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views of local people. I am satisfied that the consultation process was significant and robust.’

The Neighbourhood Plan Group will consider the report and then make recommendations to the Parish Council.

A referendum, providing the opportunity for Bunbury residents to vote on the Neighbourhood Plan will be held early in 2016.

The full report can be viewed via the link below

Bunbury Examiner’s Report 1 (004)